Waste Trilogy

Esmeralda was commissioned by Internationales Kinderchorfestival Dresden to write an a cappella choral piece on the theme of ‘Environment’ for six international children choirs’. Esmeralda selected words by activists such as Greta Thunberg and protest signs and featured these in the third movement of her Waste Trilogy: ‘The Good Place’.The piece will involve single use plastic and live recycling on stage as part of the performance. 350 singers from 6 different worldwide children’s choirs will perform the piece.


Esmeralda Conde Ruiz


Gunter Berger

World premiere

postponed due to the pandemic

Korea // Geo-Je Children’s Choir
New Zealand // The New Zealand Secondary Student’s Choir Latvia // Girls Choir Koris Dzeguzites
Austria // Pizzicanto -Auswahlchor der Musikmittelschule Dornbirn Israel // Moran Choir
Germany // Dresden Philharmonic Children’s Choir