HELLERAU European Centre for the Arts, Dresden

19 April 2023 – 7 May 2023

 24/7 is a new site-specific installation by Esmeralda Conde Ruiz which questions the continuous cycle of our human data and the technological space it occupies. It draws on the human need to communicate via human voice whilst also highlighting the new sounds created when we communicate digitally with each other. How do these sounds differ sonically and in what ways are they similar? What are the costs of digital communication? 24/7 portrays the co-creation between humans and technology and how true symbiosis might sound in the future. If technology is trying to sound human, what happens if humans attempt to mimic the sound of technology?

On 7 May 2023 the final day of the exhibition, a companion piece to 24/7s subterranean installation will take place within within the Great Hall at HELLERAU and will feature a range of live vocal performances. This event is the continuation of a conversation about what is private and what is public within our digital worlds.  

As the finale to 24/7, this live performance brings 24/7 above ground and attempts to make visible the hidden side of our human data storage. 

24/7 is created in collaboration with the Schaufler Lab @ TU Dresden and HELLERAU European Centre for the Arts and supported by the British Council in Germany and the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen.

For further information and how to visit please visit the HELLERAU website here

Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

January 28th, 2023

Esmeralda Conde Ruiz will be scoring together with Jan Brauer ( Brandt Brauer Frick) BAKCHEN, director Sebastian Sommer‘s latest play at Staatstheater Wiesbaden (Bacchae/ Euripides). Additionally she will be the choral director of the piece. Premiere January 28th, 2023.

For more information and tickets please visit here.


Cabin Fever at Safe & Sound

November 22nd, 2022, 7pm UK time

Bi-monthly audio open mic night for radio docs, podcasts, music and sound art on Resonance FM.

This month in collaboration with  The Colour Group GB and live & in person at The Jago, 440 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AA.

All profits from safe + sound are fundraising for Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants –

a queer activist group that, through fundraising and direct action, stand in solidarity with all migrants and refugees.


For more information please visit here.


Cabin Fever at TULCA 2022

TULCA Festival of Visual Arts
The World Was All Before Them
Curated by Clare Gormley
4 – 20 November 2022
Galway, Ireland

Composed for an ensemble of voices, domestic sounds and zoom, this sharing of Cabin Fever features singers in four different languages as they document dreams and transform into a mosaic of colour.

For more information please visit

Photography: Ros Kavanagh



Zukunftsmusik – What the future might sound like

Thursday, 29 September, 2022, 5:00pm to 7:45pm CET

Location: Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB), Klemperer Hall, Zellescher Weg 18, 01069 Dresden

Live stream via YouTube and Zoom-Webinar, Code: TP?NF9Bd

The Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden is pleased to present Zukunftsmusik – What the future might sound like, a symposium sharing the ideas and research topics explored during Esmeralda Conde Ruiz’s 2022 residency at Technische Universität Dresden.

Esmeralda Conde Ruiz is the third resident artist at Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden. Together with scientists from a wide range of disciplines at Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) and external partners, including Hellerau – European Center for the Arts and the Dresden University of Fine Arts, she has spent the last 6 months conducting artistic research and reflecting upon digital infrastructures, the ecological impact of the server farm industry and the relationship between humans and technology, in particular the significant environmental impact of artificial intelligence. Her body of research draws attention to the invisible and barely tangible world of our digital data and the virulent future technologies, highlighting the role and influence of humans in this constantly changing world.

The symposium includes contributions from speakers at the intersection of music, technology, computing, and artificial intelligence. From artistic, humanities and engineering perspectives, participants will discuss implications of Zukunftsmusik.

Panelists and speakers: 

Dr Julia Meyer – Deputy Director General, Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB), 

Prof. Roswitha Böhm – Vice Rector for University Culture, TUD,

Kirsten Vincenz – Speaker Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden/ Director of the Office for Academic Heritage (Kustodie), TUD,

Gwendolin Kremer – Curator Schaufler Residency@TU Dresden,

Prof. Orit Halpern – Chair of Digital Cultures and Societal Change, Institute of German Studies and Media Culture, TUD,

Prof. Ercan AltinsoyChair of Acoustics and Haptics, Institute of Acoustics and Speech Communication, TUD, 

Natalie Sontopski – associate fellow Schaufler Kolleg@TU Dresden/ research associate Komplexlabor Digitale Kultur, Hochschule Merseburg

Prof. Carsten Nicolai – Artist and Musician, Dresden University of Fine Arts,

Jun. Prof. Miriam Akkermann – Junior Professor in Empirical Musicology, TUD,

Esmeralda Conde Ruiz – Artist/Composer, Artist in residence Schaufler Lab @TU Dresden 2022


The symposium will be held in German and English.

The event is free to attend. No registration required.

Full programme and futher information available here


Cabin Fever at  Exploring Socio-Technical Research Workshop



22nd September, 2022

A Multi-Method and Transdisciplinary Workshop at TU Dresden:

This workshop assembles academics from IT and social sciences, in particular communication and media studies as well as sociology. It offers a unique occasion to learn from socio-technical research projects, exploring relations between digitalization and datafication with everyday human action. Its aim is to discuss contemporary socio-technical approaches, multi-method designs and interdisciplinary research, in terms of methods and processes. Though collaborations between IT and social sciences bear great potentials for improving theories and methods, practical joint work embodies multi-faceted pitfalls, misunderstandings and challenges. For socio-technical researchers, understanding and exploring multiple methods and approaching alternative viewpoints is a prerequisite for successful researching a multimodal and dynamic world.

Guests across disciplines and methodological expertise are welcome.

For more information on how to take part please click here.


IXLAB Summer Workshop Sonic Structures


12th – 23rd September, 2022

Adventures in 4E Music and sound.

Matthew McGinity, Junior Professorship for Immersive Media Design at the Institute for Software and Multimedia Technology TU Dresden and Esmeralda Conde Ruiz, resident artist at Schaufler Lab invite students to take part in this unique workshop to explore the intersection of music and augmented reality.

The workshop is aimed at Informatik and Medieninformatik students with some knowledge of 3D graphics and programming, but students from other faculties or schools are welcome.

For more information on how to take part please click here.


Cabin Fever on NTS Radio show Tafelmusik



Francesco Fusaro, the man behind MFZ Records and classical music recording series 19’40”, brings a considered and varied selection of baroque, classical and contemporary music for a full two hours each month. This month is dedicated to the intersection of sleep, dream and night.


Listen back to Tafelmusik here.

Project Space Festival Berlin



10th August, 2022

‘Each Body A Voice’, with Esmeralda Conde Ruiz & Diana Alina Serbanescu

Part performance, part sound installation, this piece represents an artistic manifesto for emphasizing the importance of our bodies as instruments for knowledge creation, living archives, frequently overlooked in definitions of intelligence promoted by academic and technological discourses.

We use AI to create a synthetic voice for the body. This performance features a custom-made motion capture wearable technology, a collar, with bend sensors that can be attached to 8 points on the body of the performer. These sensor data are lists of numbers which can be sonified in various ways. The sensor data is processed and gathered locally on a mini-computer attached to each collar. A speaker sits on the front of the collar, emitting sounds that can react to the position of the sensors — to the performer’s body movement.

Curated by Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss, venue: difftrakt 

7:30pm performance, afterwards artist talk moderated by Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss
For more information and the full program visit here.


Larynx Nights at Camp for Digital Culture 2022



21th July, 2022

11:15 am Keynote Speaker: Gerfried Stocker, Ars  Electronica

19:30 pm Esmeralda Conde Ruiz – Larynx Nights

A series of audience experiments for the wider public to participate in what will inform Esmeralda Conde Ruiz’s research and work on AI choirs at Schaufler Lab, TU Dresden. A night to examine the effects of acappella music, physical presence and feelings of social disconnectedness. As an audience, how do we feel about a voice without a physical body? What do we need to connect to a piece and what do we need to prepare our minds for music? 

For more information visit the conference web.

Organized by Komplexlabor Digitale Kultur, Hochschule Merseburg


 5th Extended Symposium in Visual Arts in Saxony



7th July, 2022

As a prelude to the subsequent international academic conference, the symposium will highlight potentials as well as focal points and concepts of artistic research from various subject-specific and interdisciplinary artistic and academic perspectives that can be experienced in a practical way including in workshop formats, lectures and discussions .

10 am Keynote Speaker: Dr Michael Hitbrunner, Institute for Contemporary Art Research, ZHdK, Zuerich

11 am Artistic presentations:

Esmeralda Conde Ruiz

Prof.Susanne Vincenz

Helmut  Voelter

Katja Marie Voigt

For more information and the full program visit here.



Interested members of the public are cordially invited.


Philharmonie Haarlem


3rd July, 2022

Stargaze ensemble & Esmeralda will be premiering Beethoven Nine!, Matthew Herbert’s Beethoven 9th symphony remake for Koorbiennale with festival choir The Big Sing, Bravo School Choir and soloist Arturo den Hartog.

Tickets via philharmonie page.


Creative Armenia – AGBU Fellowship 2022



1st April, 2022

Following on from presenting our latest iteration of Cabin Fever at Tate Modern Lates last week we are delighted to announce that Esmeralda will now start a year long AGBU Fellowship with Creative Armenia to further develop the project.

As part of her fellowship Esmeralda will start to research the Armenian language and the countries different dialects to help continue creating this ambitious durational artwork which hopes to engage numerous languages and singers throughout the world.

For more information click here.


Cabin Fever at Tate Moden Lates : 25 March 2022 London

16th March, 2022

Join us at Tate Modern on Friday 25 March 2022 from 6pm-10pm for a presentation of Cabin Fever as part of Tate Modern’s Surrealism Beyond Borders Season.

Composed for an ensemble of voices, domestic sounds and zoom, this sharing of Cabin Fever features singers from ten different countries as they document dreams and transform Tate’s screens into a mosaic of colours.

Find the project on various screens around the building for the duration of the evening: Blavatnik Building, Level 1, Natalie Bell Building, Level 1 and Natalie Bell Building, Level 4

For more information and how to book please click here.


 Don’t Forget the Lamp at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden

4th March, 2022

Esmeralda’s piece Don’t Forget the Lamp will be performed live and daily during the International Conference of Digital Gender at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, March 24th-26th 2022.

The conference is run by Gender Concept Group who are a cooperation of professors of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at TU Dresden who in their discipline have a research focus on gender studies. The pooling of research in the GenderConceptGroup arises from the self-conception of gender research which has been working interdisciplinary since its beginnings – following its objective to research the complex importance of gender in all areas of life.

For more information and how to book please click here.


Cabin Fever Album: Listening Party at Radio alHara

13th December, 2021

Esmeralda will be interviewed by writer and art critic Chris Fite-Wassilak on her latest project Cabin Fever. Special guest will be Marco Caricola who is the sound and mixing engineer for the release of the limited edition.

Hosted by Radio alHara راديو الحارة in Bethlehem on December 13th, 12pm local time, 10pm U.K. time.

Listen here:


Record Release Cabin Fever

7th December, 2021

We’re very pleased to announce the release of 10 dreams from Cabin Fever as a limited edition now available at Birmingham Record CompanyAlso available on all streaming services: Spotify, Itunes & others.

Find out more here.


Group exhibition announcement 2024


12th November, 2021

Artists Christian Kosmas Mayer, Anton Ginzburg, Rosa Barba and Esmeralda Conde Ruiz will show the results of their artistic research on AI which they conduct in the context of the fellowship at the the Schaufler Lab @ TU Dresden at the museum of The Schaufler Foundation, Schauwerk Sindelfingen.  Find out more here


New release Cabin Fever coming soon!

27th October, 2021

Esmeralda’s highly anticipated album Cabin Fever will be released November 19th via Birmingham Record Company. Reviews: “Ephemeral, magical, healing” Folda Festival

Cabin Fever is a catalogue, a collective portrait, a eulogy to one of the strangest times in recent history. It is a global composition with many collaborators, both active and passive, human and technological. Drawing on a set of over 250 accounts of dreams collected from all over the world over the past year, this record is an excerpt, a few drifting moments from what is in reality a 24-hour audiovisual performance event shared through the video conferencing application Zoom. The 10 tracks move from time zone to time zone, where snatches of attempts to recall dreams in a range of languages wash over the listener.

All the music was composed specifically for live performance over Zoom, using the software’s electronic parameters as a new instrument which controls and uniquely adapts the performance, embracing the electronic glitches associated with this platform. The music is inspired by domestic sounds, pitches from kettles and washing machines, amplifying familiar noises and sounds from the homes, which during the pandemic became our cabins.


Release date: Friday 19 November 2021. Pre-order limited edition here.


 Artist in Residence Schaufler Lab TU Dresden 2022

30th June, 2021

Schaufler Lab has nominated Esmeralda to be their next artist in residence. Find out more about Esmeralda’s AI Choir research here.


 Cabin Fever at Cineteca Matadero Madrid: Festival Rayo

12th June, 2021

Esmeralda will show a 24-hour long prototype version of her work in progress piece Cabin Fever. Free via RAYO web.


Record Release Carnage

18th June, 2021

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis album record is out now! Esmeralda worked with them on this special release, mid pandemic and now available.

Nr 1 of the UK official vinyl album charts on release.

Buy here


 Cabin Fever at Festival of Live Digital Art Canada

12th June, 2021

Esmeralda will show a 24-hour long prototype version of her work in progress piece Cabin Fever. Tickets via FOLDA web.


Sundance Film Festival

1st & 3rd February, 2021

Esmeralda casted and conducted singers from all over the world for Matthew Herbert’s soundtrack for Life in a Day 2020.

On July 25th, 2020, people all over the world filmed their lives and shared their stories to be part of a documentary film. When all the submissions were tallied, the filmmakers had received over 300,000 videos from 192 countries.

The result is a stirring film about love, death, heartbreak, and hope that looks beyond geography and circumstance to explore what connects us as humans.

Directed by Academy Award winner Kevin Macdonald. Produced by legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott.  Premier tickets via Sundance web.


Digital Arts Festival London

27th November, 2020

Esmeralda & Ben See have been invited to collaborate for Poplar Union’s Digital Arts Festival, exploring new ways of music making online.

Q&A and tickets via Poplar Union web.


HAU Berlin

16th, 17th, 18th, 19th October, 2020

Esmeralda collaborated with andcompany & Co for their production of Neue Horizonte: Eternity fuer alle! arranging music for the play’s choir and consulting during rehearsals and recording sessions.

Tickets via Hau web.


TedX Bath

15th June, 2020

Esmeralda and the choir of 50 female singers will perform a special digital commission of her latest compositions for her GrandMother project, featuring Lorraine’s song.

Tickets via Tedx Bath web.


Luzerner Theater

28th & 30th August, 2020

We are going ahead, with strict pandemic protocols:

Matthew Herbert, Andre de Ridder, stargaze ensemble, Esmeralda and local choirs will be performing on two nights NEIN, their Beethoven 9th symphony remake.

Capacity of the theatre has been reduced due to Covid19.


Photo: Luzerner Zeitung


Barbican Beethoven Weekender

2nd February, 2020

Matthew Herbert, Andre de Ridder, stargaze ensemble, Esmeralda and choirs will be premiering NEIN, their Beethoven 9th symphony remake, closing the Beethoven festival.

Free performance at main hall Barbican.


Sonar Barcelona

21th July, 2019

Esmeralda will be conducting the local choir for a concert for Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band project.

Tickets via Sonar web.


Muziekgebouw Aan ‘TIJ Amsterdam Choir Biennale


6th July, 2019

Esmeralda is conducting Holland Baroque and the LCGC Choir for their Gospel Baroque project.

Tickets via Choir Biennale web.


Union Chapel London Daylight Music

15th June, 2019

Esmeralda and the choir of 50 female singers will perform a R&D show of her latest compositions for her GrandMother project. Guests of honours will be the grandmothers that she interviewed and their families.

Tickets via eventbrite.


Brighton Fringe

21th May, 2019

Another opportunity to see Esmeralda’s film and piece The other ocean, performed live at Brighton Fringe Festival 2019.

Tickets via Brighton Fringe.


The Old Church London

Photo: Mischa Haller

18th May, 2019

Esmeralda and the choir of 50 female singers will perform a R&D show of her latest compositions for her GrandMother project. Guests of honours will be the grandmothers that she interviewed and their families.

Tickets via eventbrite.


Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain Paris

11th April, 2019

Esmeralda joins Lina Lapelyte’s ensemble and choir for a special performance of her piece Candy Shop at Jardin de la Fondation Cartier for Nomadic Nights:

Performance-opera, Lithuania, United Kingdom

Artist Lina Lapelyte borrows the title of a dirty rap hit by 50 Cent for her performance-opera Candy Shop. Transforming the original hip-hop texts, 7 female singers invite the spectator to a collective meditation on power hierarchies, narrating the story about beauty, gender, and the mundane.

With: Lina Lapelyte (conception, performance), Nouria Bah, Anat Ben-David, Esmeralda Conde Ruiz, Sharon Gal and Heidi Heidelberg (performance), Federico Strate Pezdirc (video), the Chœur d’Hommes de La Villette (choir), Yuko Oshima, Sébastien Le Bon, Luigi Legendre and Olivier Miqueu (drums).



The Royal Court Theatre & Record Release The State Between Us

29th March, 2019

Esmeralda will be conducting two shows at The Royal Court Theatre, culminating into Matthew Herberts record release of The State Between Us, a two year project of recording singers and musicians all over Europe.

Tickets via The Royal Court web.


David Lang’s the pubic domain at Barbican

24th March, 2019

Esmeralda will be conducting as part of the conducting team David Lang’s a cappella work for 500 singers at Barbican foyer.

Free entrance.


Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

16th February, 2019

Esmeralda will be conducting the local choir for a concert for Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band project.

Tickets via Elbphilharmonie web.


Southbank Centre London Soundstate Festival

19th January, 2019

Esmeralda and Ben See will create a live Loop Machine Choir with singers and audiences at Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer.

Free entrance.


Auditorium Parco della Musica

25th November, 2018

Esmeralda will be conducting the local choir for a concert for Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band project.

Tickets via Parco della Musica web.


Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts Brighton Cinecity Festival

18th November, 2018

 As part of Cinecity’s festival Esmeralda will premier her piece The other ocean at ACCA.
Recorded live by BBC Radio 3.
Tickets via Cinecity & ACCA web.


Tresor Berlin

9th November, 2018

Esmeralda will be collaborating with Robert Hood on a site-specific event by Tresor at St Thomas Church.

The minimal techno legend will perform at the Kreuzberg church next month. Esmeralda will be conducting the local singers who will be placed all over the church.

Underground Resistance co-founder, minimal techno pioneer and ordained minister Robert Hood is set to DJ and preach during a performance at St Thomas Kirche next month.

The legendary DJ will reside as “Minister of God’s Word” during a performance entitled ‘Robert Hood – Playing and Preaching’ at the church in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

The performance takes place between 7pm and 9pm on Friday, November 9 and whilst the event is not ticketed, donations are welcome.


Leipziger Jazztage

17th October, 2018

Esmeralda will be conducting the local choir for a recording session and concert for Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band project.

Tickets via Leipziger Jazztage web.


Shakespeare’s Globe Sonnet Sunday

2nd September, 2018

On Sonnet Sunday, the Globe Isle becomes home to all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets. The Dark Ladies, Sweet Youths and Saucy Jacks of our sonnet ensemble will haunt the building, hidden in the secret nooks and capering on the familiar stages of the Globe. This is a special opportunity to experience this building, this poetry, and our creative ensemble in an utterly unique way. The day is also a celebration of our local and wider community, as groups from Borough Market, Bermondsey and further afield join the actors in a celebration of this beautiful collection of Shakespeare’s verse.

Esmeralda has been commissioned to compose music for Shakespeares Sonnet 39 which will be performed by Borough Market Choir. Tickets via Globe web.


Ronnie Scott’s Live in the Square

18th August, 2018

Esmeralda will be conducting the local choir for a concert for Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band project.

Tickets via Ronnie Scott’s web.


Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin Wassermusik Festival

27th July, 2018

Esmeralda will be conducting the local choir for a recording session and concert for Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band project.

Tickets via Haus der Kulturen der Welt web.


Veranos de la Villa Festival Madrid

29th June, 2018

Esmeralda will be conducting the local choir for a recording session and concert for Matthew Herbert’s Brexit Big Band project. Free show:

Tendrá lugar al aire libre en la Plaza de Colón a partir de las 22.00 horas.


David Lang’s the pubic domain at Berlin Philharmonie

19th May, 2018

Two month of rehearsals are coming to an end and Esmeralda will be conducting as part of the local conducting team David Lang’s a cappella work for 800 singers at Berlin Philharmonic this May 18th.

Tickets via Berlin Philharmonie web.


Women of the World Festival Southbank Centre

11th March, 2018

Multi-award winning composer and interdisciplinary choral conductor Esmeralda Conde Ruiz brings her project GrandMother to WOW, interviewing grandmothers of all kinds – not just those with children and grandchildren – to experience the memory of female voices and translating those interviews into songs.


Yoko Ono collaboration

01 March, 2018

‘Art, music and words are a powerful combination that help us come together and IMAGINE PEACE at home and all over the world. I’m very pleased to be contributing the placement of art and culture into the heart of London Bridge. A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality. Imagine all the people living life in peace.’ Yoko OnoEsmeralda has been invited by The London Bridge Culture Strategy to collaborate with Yoko Ono to create an opening performance for the strategy launch on March 1st, 2018 at London Bridge station. The London Bridge Culture Strategy is expected to increase visitors to the area to 15m by 2025. The station will house a community of businesses ranging from multi-national companies, to art galleries, which is estimated to boost the London economy by £100m in 2025.