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‘Art, music and words are a powerful combination that help us come together and IMAGINE PEACE at home and all over the world. I’m very pleased to be contributing the placement of art and culture into the heart of London Bridge. A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality. Imagine all the people living life in peace.’ 


Yoko Ono, 2018

We are looking for singers from choirs to contribute to a three-minute mass choral performance at the newly renovated London Bridge Station to mark a long-term collaboration between the business and places in the London Bridge area with the cultural sector. Commitment: Performance – London Bridge Station: 1 March, 10.30-10.35 am performance (arrival time of 9.30am) Rehearsals: Kings College, Strand Campus: 1. Saturday 17 Feb, 11-15.00 & 2. Sunday 25 Feb, 11-14.30 and then 15.00 – 16.00 at London Bridge Station for dry run. Dress for performance – navy blue top and trousers (can be jeans)
We are asking for singers to participate in a conducted and staged presentation of John Lennon’s IMAGINE by Esmeralda Conde Ruiz, that is coordinated with the showing of Yoko Ono’s video IMAGINE PEACE on the screens of the London Bridge Station, as a part of a press event on 1 March 2018.  Yoko Ono has donated her work for the video screens and the rights to John Lennon’s song, the station has donated its screen time, and we ask that you donate your time to bring this massive station to life as stage for a 3’00” performance that will be captured and distributed by national and international press. No performance has taken place in this station since re-opening.
For commuters, they may happen upon and see, just see, see and a bit of hearing, hear and then see. The concept is that many would wonder whether they imagined the moment or not. For the audience of the press event, they would see how they could view their commuting station as potential stage platform, and thus open their minds as to what is possible to consider a place to intervene in their daily lives. You, by taking part, show that the cultural community wants to perform in public space.
The strategy being announced has opened the spaces of London Bridge Station, the Riverwalk along the Thames, Tower Bridge, Kings College campus, Shard and the HMS Belfast (ship in Thames) to be used on a regular basis to showcase leading contemporary performance and installation. We ask that you participate to help London embrace the spontaneous (and serious music) as part of daily life.
Please sign up your choir numbers or individuals from the choir can sign up (depending upon ease) through
For more information please contact Catherine via
 imagine1march@yahoo email