Amazon – ‘Everybody Needs Somebody’ (2019)

Esmeralda cast, rehearsed and conducted three London-based choirs for the 2019 Amazon Christmas advert. The choirs were recorded at Angel Studios, London.



Boots – ‘She’s Me Mum’ (2018)

Esmeralda cast 40 performers for Boots 2018 Christmas advert, including Boots employees. Esmeralda rehearsed the singers and conducted both the in-studio audio recording and on-location filming of the performance shown in the advert. The advert was created by Ogilvy.



Amazon – ‘Give a Little Bit’ (2017)

Esmeralda cast, rehearsed and conducted four London-based choirs for the 2017 Amazon Christmas advert. The choir was recorded at Air Studios, London.


Tate Britain – ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas (2015)

Esmeralda composed the music used in Tate Britain’s 2015 Christmas short as part of the TateShots documentary series. Esmeralda created a serene, calm piece that accompanies Iain Glen’s reading of the poem ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’ by Clement Clarke Moore.

Director: Oliver Warren
Producers: Susan Doyon and Maria Kennedy





BaByliss – Stylish Italian (2012)

Esmeralda composed the music used in BaByliss’ 2012 ‘Stylish Italian’ advertisement; creating an elegant piece that was broadcast throughout November.

Director: Oliver Warren
Production Company: Dingo Bill Productions