Cabin Fever


Digital mass choral piece for video conference software, latency and visuals.

24 hours long

96 dream sequences a 15 minutes

1920 singers


If we could amplify the sound of our dreams how would they sound like? Do we dream the same? What connects us as humans? With Cabin Fever composer Esmeralda Conde Ruiz amplifies the subconscious inner monologue, the solitude of the mind during a pandemic by illustrating humanities greatest fears and hopes with an intimacy and gentleness of a lullaby that never ends.

Cabin Fever is a 24 hour digital mass choir piece involving 1920 singers from all over the world, changing performers every 15 minutes and changing time zones every hour with words taken by real dreams posted by strangers on Twitter, language and sounds constantly changing.


Cabin Fever and it’s perfromers are currently in rehearsals and test runs with choirs around the world

with the 24 hour performance is planned for 2021.