Big Data


Big Data questions the continuous cycle of our everyday human data, the space it occupies and the ethics and lack of knowledge sharing associated with its storage and use. The performance acknowledges how we are encouraged daily to digitally share and exchange information and the fragmented groups formed when we do so. When we agree to terms and condition tick boxes are we aware of what happens to our data and how it may be used?

The performance was originally created site- specifically for HELLERAU European Centre of Art in Dresden and in partnership with Schaufler Lab at TU Dresden.

Artistic Direction and Composer: Esmeralda Conde Ruiz

Producer: Eira Szadurski

Conductor: Gunter Berger

Soloist: Arturo den Hartog

Choir: Buergerchor Dresden & E Ensemble

Big Data is a project with Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden in co-production with HELLERAU. Supported by the British Council and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony.

Photography by Mischa Haller